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Christina and Jose Wedding Photography Preview | Vlad Barry Wedding Photography

I love shooting weddings, but if you are not a professional wedding photographer, it is hard to realize how difficult it is to shoot beautiful, arty and technically correct wedding photos with all this horrible mixed lights, dark insides, or in opposite – often under bright, direct sun.   And all this under constant pressure and time constraints of the wedding day.  This is why the role of an amazing wedding planner as Michelle from Michelle Elaine Wedding is so important to organize and keep thing in the order they are supposed to be.   Cristina and Jose’s wedding was the first wedding where I worked together with Michelle and this one definitely stands out and I defiantly look forward working with her in the future.

Christina and Jose – you are a lovely, easy-going couple and can not say enough how wonderful it was to work with you!  Enjoy the wedding photography preview from their wedding.

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