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What is a bridal photo session and why do you need one?

A bridal session is a photography portrait session in your full wedding day attire that takes place prior to the actual wedding.  The purpose of this session is to illuminate all possible time-limit, bad weather, light conditions and any other stressful situations that you may experience during your wedding day. This allows you to have a photo shoot in more relaxing and private setting and bring out the best of what we see in you to your pictures. Bridal Photo Session

It is a common practice to do this photo session with the bride alone, but our studio really encourages the groom to participate as well. This way you will have more choices of beautiful wedding pictures as a couple.  Also bring you best friend, maid of honor or even your wedding planner with you (we know, a lot of wedding planners, like Michelle Elaine who we love work with, will be happy to do it for you) – you will need a little help with your wedding dress.

You also can consider a bridal session as a good time to have a great trial for your wedding day look – your wedding dress, shoes, make-up, and hair.   This way you will have time to fix any problems that you may find before the wedding and you will feel much more confident during your special day!  It is a good idea to use same hairdresser and make-up artist for the bridal session as the ones you will have for your actual wedding day. We also can recommend a hair/make-up artist to you.

We love when a couple brings and uses different props like signs, parasols, suitcases or anything else, during the bridal photo shoot.  Also don’t forget a special pair of shoes and bouquet for the bride.  It is not necessary that it will be the exact bouquet you will have at your wedding, just make sure it matches your dress.  All this will help to make your photos more unique and really stand out.

Bridal Photo Session

We recommend to schedule your bridal session as early as possible before the wedding.  If you schedule your bridal session at least a month or two before the wedding day, than you can display this lovely photographs at the reception. You will have up to 2 hours on the location of your choice, and we will help you to pick up a right time, depending on a season, to utilize best possible light that really helps to make your photographs look the best.

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Highlights from Luce and John Wedding | Vlad Barry Wedding Photography

Finally, I found some time to start reposting some older posts after transferring my site to a new server.  We shot these amazing couple Lucy and John back in March.  I cannot get enough of their wedding.  They had it all: the Transformer Themed Wedding (yes, with Transformer Cufflinks and Transformer Ice Statue) and traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.  Love shooting creative themed wedding like these.  Check out their wedding photography highlights  below.

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Lola and Alejandro Wedding Photography Preview | Vlad Barry Wedding Photography

Lola and Alejandro wedding at Shad Row Piermont, NY

This season we had photographed many different weddings, but this one was definitely was very interesting and nonstandard.  They had a wonderful mix of Colombian and Nigerian cultures.  The bride and groom had the formal wedding dress for the ceremony and first part of the reception, than they change to the full traditional Nigerian clothes.  We are excited to share some of their wedding photographs here in our wedding photography blog.


Interfaith Minister – Rev. Luisa Porrata

Floral Design – Mayuri’s Floral Design

Venue – The Wedding at The Hudson


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Jennifer and Jason Wedding Preview Gallery | Vlad Barry Wedding Photography

Highlights from Jennifer and Jason Wedding at Crest Hollo Country Club

Hi, our blog is still in process of moving to the new server and all old posts currently not available. But we will continue to post new highlights from recent events while are restoring old ones. Here is a preview from Jennifer and Jason Wedding that we shot at Crest Hollo Country Club in Long Island. They are such a lovely couple! Thank you so much guys, it was fun!

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