An award-winning New York wedding photographer specializes in wedding, bridal, engagement photography and video and  makes memories of your Wedding Day to live up!  To contact my New York Wedding Photography and Video Studio please complete the online contact form or call me at 646-620-2213 to check for availability.  Me and other our wedding photographers and videographers are available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and destinations worldwide.

It is always a privilege for us to be a part of your Special Day, work with you, and capture all this emotions, joy, love, and all this string of special moments of your Wedding Day.  My wedding photography has this unique mix of contemporary, unobtrusive, photojournalistic style with editorial and hi-fashion photography influence.  I work together with a team of videographers, who can offer you an arty DSLR, Hi-Definition, Cinematographic, professionally edited video that will match the style of your photographs.

In addition to weddings, I offer photography and video for press events, industry photography, commercial photography, catalog photography, and business portraits.